Iconic Dog Client Testimonials and Feedback


My client's satisfaction means everything to me.


I know how much people's animal companions mean to them, and when I am asked to paint them, I feel I've been entrusted with something very important. My favorite thing about being a portrait artist is receiving peoples emails and letters of thanks. Here are a few....


We received the painting today.  Words can not convey what you have done for us.  Your brush strokes brought my boy back into my home. The painting is beautiful, it shows the glimmer of playfulness that was always in his eye, the love that was always in his heart, and the gentle spirit that was the essence of my dear Pneumo.

You have done him justice in every way.  Although we still miss him deeply, we now gaze upon his image soothing our spirits and healing our hearts.  I can not tell you how this portrait will help us along our way. 

Once We have it framed and hung, I will send photos.  The gift you have been given and share with others is phenomenal.  I couldn't have dreamt such a wonderful result.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see Pneumo in all his God given beauty.  You have given us something that surely I thought was impossible.'

     Thank you.



I truly cannot thank you enough!  I wish I could express to you how much it means to me to see this work. It made me cry immediately. It is so beautiful and does him such justice. I knew when I saw your website that I could entrust this very important project to you and I was more than right. It means to me more than I can say.

Your talent is inspiring and I am so grateful to you for not compromising your vision and making it fit to what you thought best. From my heart, Gwen, thank you for your kindness and sensitivity and this wonderful gift you have given me.'


'Your talent overwhelms me. Thank you for the beautiful painting of my Guido. Your painting will be proudly displayed in my home and will be cherished. I have made a change in my last will to state that at my wake the painting is to be placed in my casket along with Guido's ashes'. 


'The portrait of Fig I have in my office has made several people actually weep from its beauty. Your paintings are amazing.' 


'IT'S FABULOUS. It looks exactly like Mumf. I can't get over it. I know my husband will love it. I am actually shocked by how well you captured his likeness and his personality. You are so gifted. It will be hard to keep it from him till Christmas.' 


'There is no way I can show my appreciation for the fantastic picture of my dog Luke, when I saw it I think I cried my last tear.  I'll never forget the little guy, you captured his expression, muscular neck, eyes, everything! ...he was an amazing little dog with a very unusual personality, I miss him terribly! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Gwen, the picture couldn't have been any better if Luke had been in front of you!' 


Yay! We love it! It's so them -- all goofy looking with that dead pan serious look on their faces like everybody walks around in party hats. Thank you SO MUCH! We can't wait to hang it on the wall here in the house.' 


'I am in awe! It is just amazing! I absolutely LOVE IT! Joey is going to die when he sees it... Again, I am so very impressed with your overwhelming talent. Thank you so much!!!' 


'There are no words to describe the joy your painting has brought me....' 


Thank you so much. I can't wait to get my painting. It is so lovely. You are a blessed lady. The painting of Tinkus just brought tears to my eyes.' 


'Thank you so much for putting your heart into the painting. It's better than I could ever have imagined. Sam dog will live forever in my heart.' 


'The package arrived yesterday and I LOVE it. I was only able to take a quick peek before hiding it from my husband (who was curious about the "mystery package" and was told simply that it is a Christmas present) -- it is even more perfect in person!!! I am desperate to show him (more so because I want to hang it up) and am hoping I can hold out 'til Christmas so Ollie can give it to us as a holiday gift as planned. Thank you again -- I am so grateful! :)' 


'Gwen, OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is almost as you actually had him in front of you, you even captured his "eyes" -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I cannot thank you enough, hopefully I can keep my mouth shut and not show Blake before Christmas. LOL! I am going to frame that and put it in a very special place, I knew you were the best and it would be awesome, but it is even better than anyone could imagine, and I can't thank you enough! I am thinking a fancy frame, what size is it? Oh I am loving it!!!! Thank you so much Gwen, you amaze me every time!'