I attended the The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland California, where I majored in drawing and painting with a stong emphasis on portraiture. I graduated in1987. Aside from thirty years as a portrait painter, I have an extensive background as a textile artist, and have shown my work in major galleries and taught classes in color and composition in that field. That said, portraiture is my first love. Being a confirmed animal lover, it seems natural to use them in as my subjects. In my animal portrait work, I like to bring my background in textiles to play by creating pictures that are boldly patterned and visually arresting. I don’t work by any formula - each of my paintings is very carefully thought out so as to show the individual dog or cat to the most striking advantage I can think up.

My home/studio is located in the town of Healdsburg in the Califorinia wine country, and living here with me are my husband and four Italian greyhounds. The guy I'm holding in my self portrait is my beloved dog/muse Georgie. 


About the Artist: Gwen Rosewater